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Getting Your Affairs in Order for 2020

The New Year often brings with it a time of reflection and planning. It is also a great time to get your affairs in order to assure that your medical and financial needs will be managed as you choose and to assure that your estate will be dispersed according to your wishes. Taking care of these matters now allows you to make thoughtful plans for various needs rather than rushing to address them while also coping with serious medical or financial issues. Or worse, waiting too long and leaving everything in someone else’s hands.   What it Means to Get Your...

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Why Choose an In-Person Law Firm

Everything seems to be available on the internet these days, including legal services. With cheap options available to prepare documents yourself with standardized forms, using an online lawyer appears to be a good option to save money and receive the services you need. But as they say, appearances can be deceiving.  WHAT YOU REALLY GET WITH AN ONLINE LEGAL SERVICE Online legal services, such as LegalZoom, are tempting to use because they are inexpensive and seem to have everything you need to manage basic legal tasks, such as creating a will or forming a business. However, there are several reasons to avoid...

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The Importance of Advance Directives

What is an ancillary estate planning document and why is it important? Estate planning ancillary documents are supportive documents that relate to and reinforce a main document, usually a trust or a will. Essentially, these documents work to make sure all life planning bases of an individual are covered in as many life and aging events as possible. They serve as an additional way to secure the decision making medical and financial needs and importance of legal and other documents. For estate planning purposes, the most important ancillary documents are as follows: Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) (Living Will) Organ Donation (Usually already...

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A Guide on Guardianship and Power of Attorney 

Do you know who will be there to act in your best interests in the event you become incapacitated? What happens if you are unable to make sound decisions regarding your health or finances? Or worse, what if the person you have entrusted with your care is being questioned for abuse of power or neglect? These are important questions to ask yourself when it comes to your estate planning and we are here to explain some tools that are in place to ensure you are taken care of properly.  Power of Attorney Arguably, the most important legal document to have in place...

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The Differences Between a Will and a Trust and What You Should Know

When taking the first steps in estate planning, the question of whether you need a will or a trust will arise immediately. When answering this, keep in mind that a will is a legal document you leave to direct your beneficiaries exactly how you want your property dispersed and your affairs handled after death. While similar, a trust is a legal document that secures your assets under trust ownership and allows for a third-party to become a trustee over the trust, naming a beneficiary to receive property through said trustee. As a result, a trust ensures the security of specified...

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