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What Is Estate Probate? Probate is the process taken to distribute your assets after you pass away. A probate court will step in to oversee this process if proper planning has not been done.

You can keep your loved ones from having to go through the probate process by having jointly owned bank accounts or properties. However, this is not always convenient. The best way to avoid probate may be by establishing of a Revocable Living Trust.

With a Revocable Living Trust will require a trustee to manage the assets of the trust. You will spell out the specifics of who that will be and any successors in the terms of the trust. However, while you are alive and well, the trustee most likely be you. Upon your death or disability, the successor you have chosen will step in and follow the terms of the trust you set up.

There are several options available with a Revocable Living Trust. Our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you through every step of this process.

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